Uses for a Wide Jointer

What good is a 24-inch jointer? December 14, 2009

Are there any practical uses for a 24 inch wide jointer other than very wide stock?

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From contributor M:
I use my 20" to knock the glue off of the first side of panels occasionally. But it pretty much just sits there and does nothing.

From contributor P:
Big jointers have their place. I have a 24 inch Northfield that I use to face slabs and other large stuff that would just tip over my Powermatic. I do lots of curved work, so cleaning up massive glue ups is easy on a big machine. I also use it to face joint stock that has very tough grain by running it skewed over the cutterhead. This works very well and is efficient. Makes a nice surface table too.

From contributor E:
What contributor P said, plus they make nice boat anchors!

From contributor J:
I would love a big 24" jointer. Instead of just planing door panels, you can joint them to take out the warp.

From contributor L:
We've got an old 16" that is a great machine, smooth as silk, long tables, good adjustability. Used to have an 8" PM, no comparison!