Using A Wood-Fired Boiler to Heat a Kiln

BTU output and controls are the important concerns. August 26, 2008

In the winter we heat our house with a wood boiler. Since we are burning wood to heat the house I was wondering if it is possible to dry small amounts of lumber in a homemade kiln at the same time? Any information would be appreciated.

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From contributor A:
I take my green lumber to a wood fired kiln in Memphis, Tn. They have been at it for over twenty years and do a good job. I guess it depends on how much volume your boiler has.

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
Yes, if you have enough extra BTUs. You will need controls for the kiln, which can result in high demand and then no demand. Some boilers do not like such abrupt changes in demand.

From contributor R:
I am looking for an insulated Refer trailer body to make a kiln. I have a Taylor brand wood fired outside boiler that I would like to use to heat the kiln. It is very large and just idles heating my home. It keeps the water at a constant 180 degrees. Any information from someone that is doing this would be greatly appreciated.

From contributor M:
I am running a converted twenty foot insulated shipping container as a kiln. Heat is from a Heatmore outdoor wood furnace, humidity is controlled by a high pressure misting. The complete system is controlled by a PC Specialty kiln controller.