Using CNC Vacuum as a Glue Press

You can use a CNC vacuum table and plastic sheeting for an improvised "vacuum bag" for laminating panel goods together. Who knew? January 9, 2008

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From contributor D:
I have to send a Thank You to everyone that helps out with advice here at WOODWEB. We had to laminate two pieces of 3/4 ply to net 1 1/2" thick for 22 table tops. We used our CNC vacuum and some 8 mil vinyl as a glue press. Got it done lickety-split. Cut our labor cost on the project... huge! I will keep watching and contributing when I can.

From contributor T:
I have to second that. I appreciate WOODWEB and the help from others. I'm probably not much help, but sometimes it's good to learn what not to do.