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The right controller can add variable speed to a 3-phase motor. January 25, 2013

I'm looking for a variable speed, not 4, 8, or 12 speed, but something that is truly variable speed that's easy to adjust and a 1HP four wheel. Does anyone know who makes one? Is there a device that can drop the speed electrically if the other options arenít available?

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From contributor F:
Univer makes them - better be sitting down when you see the price for a new one though! I have one and it works great, however it doesn't go as slow as my Delta. I think the slowest it runs is about 15 fpm, which is pretty slow. Alternatively you may be able to use a VFD on a regular 3 phase feeder. It's a bit out of my realm of experience though so I'll leave that to the others.

From contributor H:
I have a Grigio variable speed, four wheel.

From contributor L:
If the motor is 3 phase you can add a VFD to make it infinitely variable speed. If the HP is 1 or less you can get a VFD that will run on 120 volts which makes it that much more useful and should cost under $200. That is a bargain compared to buying a variable speed feeder. You can actually slow it down even more with a VFD and even make it go faster, so it's a no brainer on which way to go.