Wall Mountings, Hardware For Plywood


From original questioner:

Is it possible to mount on the wall 12 cm (4,7 in) thick plywood shelf, which can hold 30 kg (66 lbs), mountings has to be hidden

From contributor da

mistake-10mm thick and 12 cm wide shelf peace

From contributor ja

pattern the face part then pattern an undersized "Cleat" to attach to wall, Fab shelf and slip it over "Cleat" on wall and attach from top Depending on size and weight for type of fastening and or adhesive

From contributor ja

Theare is Also the "French Cleat" Method

From contributor ri

The only way I can see it working is to have mounting inside a bare wall so you can screw through that 10mm plywood into blocking, then make them plaster of drywall around the shelf.

From contributor Je

Check this link. Scroll down to Shelf Magic I.