Walnut-Shell Dye Recipe

How to boil Walnut shells for a dye stain that will match Walnut wood. May 27, 2008

Does anyone know of a simple way to patch in some sort of stain for small areas of white and gray wood in walnut? I was wondering if one could soak walnut hulls in water and get a stain color that would match. There must be a formula for this.

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From contributor A:
There is, but it is easier to buy walnut crystals (water soluble dye) from WD Lockwood, New York.

From contributor C:
Walnut crystals, aka water soluble Van dyke brown/natural brown #5/Cassell brown does not duplicate a walnut color as well as the walnut hulls do. 1 lb walnut hulls to 1 gallon of water, let soak overnight and then bring to a boil and then simmer till half the water or more has evaporated (depending on how concentrated you want the color to be). For better penetration, 5% di acetone alcohol can be used in the batch, and if darker color is needed, up to 1/4 oz. of sodium hydroxide or potassium permanganate will kick it to the reddish brown side also. You should be able to match the color with just the hulls by themselves, though - you can always make it darker by just simmering longer. You'll have to strain the liquid through cheesecloth or other straining material a few times before using.