Walnut Bar Top


From original questioner:

I have a customer who has asked about making a bartop out of solid 8 qtr walnut. Before I attempt to price this or even decide if I want to, how would you put that together? It will be 115" long x 22' wide. Would just glued joints work or should one use "T" bolts or...?
Also, I am open to suggestions regarding finish as well. Thanks.

From contributor Je

I'm I reading that right?? 22 feet wide? If it's 22" wide, I think just glued butt joints will be fine on 8/4.

From contributor Mi

I'm going to assume it's 22" wide. I agree that butt joints would be fine. I would use two coats sealer and two coats of 2k poly if I were doing it.

From contributor To

Lol, yeah, I forgot an apostrophe. it's 22inches wide. Thanks for the responses guys. That's kinda what I was thinking. Hopefully I will not be finishing it, though.

From contributor Bi