Water-Based Formulas for On-Site Repairs?

Tips on finding and using water-based products to touch up or repair damaged finishes on site. November 25, 2006

Is anyone using water based finishes and appropriate stains, etc., for touchups and other on-site repairs? Have companies such as Mohawk been experimenting with WB? Is it still in the future?

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From contributor M:
The future is now - there are touchup materials for water base repairs available right now. Contact any of the touchup and repair manufacturers.

From contributor W:
Mohawk has a product called "Finish Up" for your water base repair. Konig has water based spray aerosols.

From contributor P:
I do it all the time, with mixed success. I just retouched a 1970's kitchen which had spots on doors and drawers that were worn down to bare wood in spots. I used a WB dye followed by diluted WB pigment stain to match the color, gave it a quick shot of Zinsser aerosol dewaxed shellac and a topcoat of aerosol WB poly. Came out great. Spot topcoating with WB can be iffy. Also, haven't seen a line of WB aerosol toners yet.

From contributor M:
Why don't you consider using an airbrush, or an atomizer? An airbrush is a great touchup tool, and an atomizer has it place on certain repairs.