Waterborne Cleanup

Quick tips for cleaning guns and hoses after using waterborne finishes. August 9, 2005

I sprayed a kitchen project with Fuhrís 375. This is my first experience with a waterborne product. I must say I am happy with the results. I have a CA Tech HVLP gun and Bandit pot with 15 feet of hose. For cleanup I ran a lot of water through the system and then flushed with alcohol. Is this adequate or is there something more I should do? What is the best way to clean after waterborne products?

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I use Kem Aqua from Sherwin Williams and I use water and then an acetone alcohol mixture made and recommended by the manufacturer for cleanup. Your method sounds good to me, though. They also told me I could use an ammonia water mixture which would be cheaper, but I haven't tried that yet.

I use warm tapwater to flush my guns and fluid hoses during a mid-day break, then flush with water and ammonia at the end of the day. I soak air caps in a jar of acetone, then blow, then clear before using. Never really have a problem with water-based finishes clogging my equipment as long as I keep them clear and clean on a daily basis. If they are not cleaned, oh boy! What a mess. The Target EM8000cv sticks to aluminum and stainless very well.

Clean with water before any film forms on the equipment. Follow up with a flush/cleaning with acetone.