Waterborne Poly Versus Waterborne Lacquer

Waterborne polyurethane and waterborne lacquer resemble each other more than they resemble any solventborne finish. May 18, 2010

I have a client that has 400 hutches that need to be finished. They ask for waterbase polyurethane. Whatís the difference with waterbase polyurethane and waterbase lacquers (or are they just the same)?

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From contributor Y:
There is a big difference in resins - exactly what are you looking to find out?

From the original questioner:
Iím looking for leed compliant polyurethane waterbase that I can spray. All I can find is waterbase lacquer.

From contributor B:
Try Target coatings. Their EM9000 is a clear waterborne polyurethane that sprays beautifully. If you go to their website you can find the LEED Credit point system info for this product via their Product Matrix Chart under Product Support.

From contributor D:
Some WB polyurethanes can yellow. Other than that WB polyurethanes and WB lacquers are coalescing finishes that have more in common with themselves as WB finishes than they do with their so-called named solvent counterparts (WB lacquer vs. solvent lacquer or WB polyurethane vs. solvent polyurethane are generally invidious comparisons). Rather than concern yourself what resin mix is inside a globule of WB, consider only whether the WB is yellowing or non-yellowing, whether the WB is crystal clear or amber, and how durable the WB is (exposure to solvents, cleaning agents and its resistance to marring).