Ways to Get a Glossy Black Finish

Suggested products and methods for a black gloss finish, without a whole lot of buffing. March 12, 2006

I'm looking to finish the mahogany base on an entrance table in a gloss black finish. Occasionally I get dust in my spray booth and I would like to cut out the buffing. Is there a product out there.

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From contributor G:
I would suggest using black Microton or dye to get the black and get the gloss with 90 degree clear.

From contributor M:
Here are two more possibilities. Pigmented conversion varnish (MLC sells once called "Resistant" that is a pigmented version of Krystal) is hard as rock and lays nicely. They also sell pigmented post-cat polyurethane called EuroBild. Ask them to make you a can of it black in "The Wet Look" which is their way of saying it's a sheen of about 97. I've yet to see anything glossier than this stuff without buffing. Its very costly, but its great stuff.

From contributor O:
Be careful about just using the Microtone for your color. MLCs MT Black has a purple hue which can be quite pronounced. You are much better off with two coats of Black Clawlock which will build and sand quickly and then Resistant or a clear Gloss.

Keep in mind that in low angles you will see exactly how well you sanded the Clawlock since its catalyzed the topcoats don't completely burn in so finish sanding the primer by hand very carefully and in long strokes. Before you shoot the gloss the piece should look like black, dull Corian. Also make sure to take the time to do a sample.