What Glue Bonds Pb Edge To A Melamine Face.


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I need to make melamine shelves with a 2" skirt around the the front and 2 sides. The melamine is pb core and all material is .75"
I plan on constructing the shelves by gluing the 1.25" skirt to the underside if the .75 main shelf. I have seen it done where the pb and melamine are bonded directly together without cutting the melamine face off and the joints I have seen seem to be quite strong and more then adequate for the application.
I'm not sure which glue to use for this. I was going to try the hi-pur glues first.

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See link below:

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Franklin's melamine glue. White in the jug, dries clear, works great. Same company makes Titebond

From contributor Mi

What you need is Spectrum Adhesive/CP Adhesive Melamine Plus adhesive.

Works better than a melamine glue for this application.