What Thickness Of PVC Banding?


From original questioner:

In a recent thread someone posted that they were using 2 mil pvc banding on laminated panels. I'm wondering if this is common on commercial casework or not? I usually use 1mm for applications that will see high wear and 1/2 mil for everything else…..all residential however. To me 2mm seems like it would be overly noticeable, but wondering what others are using and why?


From contributor Jo

.5 & 1 mm when we can as it is just easier to run & on tooling. We try to push 2mm when 3 is spec. Not as noticeable as 3mm and more readily available.


From contributor Zd

2 and 3 mil pvc are specked by designers mostly for to enhance or amend to an appearance of the product.
One way or another, when moving towards a thicker tape or away from it - remember that you also need to adjust your door dimensioning also.

From contributor Ch

It seems to me that 3mm should be used for things like a supermarket checkout counter. 2mm is great for office cubicles and commercial kitchens for office employees and such. 1 mm is if youre worried about it for residential anything. .6mm is fine behind doors and fronts and for shelving. To make a thicker edgeband look less noticeable, I rout it with a roundover to where the springpoint meets the panel edge.
That's my 2

From contributor La

From a commercial only shop: 2mm is our standard, 3 very common for doors. Durability is the goal. .018 offers almost no impact resistance, 1mm better but still not great. Thinner banding offers less resistance to peel off.
The cost difference of just the banding when compared to the entire process is minimal. Normal practice is to run full radius, edges, corners, ends. I think that most commercial shops purchase banders to do that. Those that don't put different values on their work and their labor costs.

From contributor mi

Where are you finding all the 2mm or even 1mm. I have all the usual suspects, but matching banding can be so frustrating, especially when your talking about a smaller shop that routinely does jobs with maybe 4-8 sheets of laid up p-lam for the doors,drawer fronts,panels,etc.