Whether to Hand Out Business Cards

Some say yes, and some say absolutely. Just do it. February 26, 2012

I live in a very densely populated area. Over the years I've come to understand exactly who my target clients are and what they need. When I'm on the street I feel like I can tell when I see a potential client. And I see dozens a day. Is it appropriate to approach someone and say "Do you mind if I offer you my card? I can offer you the storage you need, and peace of mind." Or do you think this is a bit of ambulance chasing?

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From contributor E:
Hand them out. All they can say is no.

From contributor I:
I agree, pass them out. If you come off as sincere they will likely respond in kind. My "office" is usually whichever Starbucks is nearby. Almost every time I go to Starbucks, I see a developer and client meeting (development is going strong here). I usually politely ask if I can give them a card and a simple flyer. Usually they ask for more information and I give them all they want. All they can do is say "No."

From contributor M:
Wow! if you can tell someone would be a client by looking at them, I would be interested to know how to do this? I would hand them out for sure.

From contributor S:
Plant as many seeds as you can - something will grow. Pass the out!

From contributor R:
The more spaghetti you throw against the wall, the more will stick!

From the original questioner:
Excellent quotes. I agree that all they can say is no, and I also know there's nerves in me that make me hesitate, but I will easily get over that after a few times. It is an area dense with the type of people I'm aiming at, and they connect with a strong web presence, similar to this forum. I don't want to get the rep as the pushy guy.

Easy to spot my potential clients? Yeah, there's 200,000 people in four square miles. I love to do built-in storage - I'd take that over a kitchen any day. The people who need built-in storage? Young couples with at least one kid. They dress nice. They have nannies. Expensive strollers and bikes.

From contributor P:
I agree with most opinions here: hand out, with your sincerity. That's not bold.