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Are classes on furnituremaking a good idea for a skilled cabinetmaker? March 28, 2015

I build custom cabinets for a living, mostly kitchen and bath cabinetry. I alway's wanted to learn more about furniture making and gain some more knowledge on doing radius work. I don't necessarily want to do furniture for a living, I just think the knowledge would carry over to my cabinetmaking business in some situations. I see there is a school not too far from me, the Marc Adams school of woodworking. What interests me is the fact his classes are specific and short (weekend and five day classes). That suits me since I am always busy with work and can't get away for long periods of time. I would like to hear from people that have taken classes and if you think you benefitted from it. Any input would be appreciated.

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From contributor M:
I've set through a few of Marc's smaller sessions (about four hours) at the woodworking shows. He is very knowledgeable and you will definitely benefit from them. I would recommend the joinery class if you want to learn more about furniture making. Being at this as long as most of us have, it's fascinating to me when you can sit down, relax and let someone teach you something new or a different way of doing something. I would pull the trigger on the classes - you never stop learning.

From Contributor W:
That is a good idea for someone in your position. Especially to be nearby such highly qualified classes. Sign up.

From contributor C:
I started attending Marc's four years ago. Marc has a great school with a wide array of classes with many different instructors from around the world. You would definitely improve your skills and techniques.