Which Of The Following Wood Types Are Valuable?


From original questioner:

When it comes to manufacturing wooden gift boxes, which material is of most value? Below are 4 materials that I would like to know this more about:

Pine/ Beech/ Paulownia/ Ebony

Usually gift boxes serve for storing other items given they regarded in terms of quality and aesthitics. If you could prioritize materials by their value, how would you sort each from 1 - 4? Thanks.

From contributor Eb

That's a joke, right?

Where are you located? Can you buy ebony for the same price one pays for pine?

Beech is nice, but Paulownia is only prized in the orient.

But based on your question and how it is written I am going to stick with my first response - you are kidding, right?

From contributor sa

Go try and purchase all 4 of them in your area and you will have your answer.

From contributor Co

I'm going to assume you live in a different market and are asking about the value of each in the U.S.?

Gift boxes usually have so little wood the value is more in the quality of construction. Ornaments such as inlay or joinery that enhances the aesthetics will generally give more value than wood type.

Ebony is very expensive here, gift boxes of the other woods could be valued equally depending more on craftsmanship in construction.

From contributor Ge

Funny question. Value is determined by more than price.

For exa,ple,
Paulownia is so soft that if being carved the edges will not be really sharp. The hinges in a softer wood will require more screws or large screws.

Color can determine vale.

Grain can determine value.