Window Sash Shaper Cutters for Outswing Casement Windows

Outswing windows are a challenge for toolmakers and woodworkers. Here is some info. January 2, 2012

I have been looking for shaper cutters to mill cope and stick sash for quite some time. It seems as if most of the cutters are made for the in-swing Euro style window - Garniga, Leitz, etc. Does anyone have a suggestion of a manufacturer for an insert knife system for an out-swing casement window system?

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From contributor O:
There is a lot consider before ordering window tooling, it is something you want to approach carefully because you can make a lot of costly mistakes. I will just touch on a few things.

The tooling companies mentioned all have a presence and good reputation in the US with different price points and quality levels. You should add Oerteli to the list and there are a couple US mfgs. that make stackable insert tooling. I have mostly Garniga tooling and that has worked fine for us. You should look at a few companies to see what’s available and what works best for your shop.

Most companies have catalogues showing the typical Euro tilt turn inswing window. They usually don't show it in the catalogue but with a few additional cutters tilt turn windows can be made into outswing windows with multipoint locking. In addition to this The UK and Denmark have outswing window systems that I think are better than the typical Truth hardware type system common here. The hardware could be hard to source though. Most Euro tooling companies sell tooling designs that are time tested in Europe. They also will make tooling to your design and modify stock tooling for different gaskets, etc.

You need to figure out what type hardware to use, glass type and thickness, screening, cladding or not, sash and frame thickness, open or closed joints, gaskets, dry glazing or wet, and there is a lot more. Functional Fenestration is a good place to start for hardware. They have everything needed for outswing Euro or Truth type windows. I am working on some outswing window samples with the Danish system. At this point I am just building samples with rebate heads and adjustable groovers on a NC shaper till I decide what type tooling to use for this. A time consuming way to build but it will save a lot of mistakes later.

Shapers are the most basic way to make windows. Shaper tooling can be made to work on window tenoners and profilers down the road if you think the business will grow. CNC router tooling is another story. The tooling is expensive even for a shaper so you might want to think ahead.