Winter Walnut Steaming


From original questioner:

hello, My company is new to steaming walnut and this is our first winter doing so. our steamer will be coming off this week and its supposed to be below 10 degrees all week long. after 24 hour cool off is it still ok to unload the steamer in temperatures that low?

From contributor JS

I have been steaming walnut since 2001. We go about it the same way if its 100 degrees or 0 degrees. It wont effect the lumber. Just dont leave the steamer open for too long or it will freeze up on you.
Do you turn off the steamer for 24 hours before you unload it? Why do you do this? I have never heard of doing that before.

From contributor Ge

The reason why some people let the lumber cool in the steamer is that when you pull the hot lumber out into the cold, there will be considerable "flash off" of the moisture (i.e., rapid drying). Some folks think this rapid drying can lead to checking (end or surface) and maybe honeycomb. So, cooling for 24 hours in the steamer is a gentle way to lower the temperature and prevent much of the flash off. In fact, the lumber will be at a higher MC by maybe 10% MC if it is cooled inside the steamer.

From contributor ti

thanks alot