Winter-time End Coating

Yes, it's important to end-coat fresh-cut logs quickly, even in the winter. June 12, 2006

I am using Anchorseal to end coat my logs. I would like to know if it does any good at -10F to -20F or should I wait until it is warmer out to coat them. I do have the cold weather kind.

Forum Responses
From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:
If there is ice/snow on the end of a log, you will coat the ice/snow and not the wood. Otherwise, coat fairly soon, although you do not have to be as fast as in the summertime.

From contributor L:
From what I've read (note: no experience), wood doesn't dry fast at winter temperatures. This means that you should have some leeway in getting the ends coated when it's really cold out.

From contributor R:
The inside of lumber does not dry much in the winter but the ends start checking and cracking fast due to dry winds. If there is snow on the ends of the logs, shave it off with the chainsaw to get a fresh surface and get the anchor seal on there. I have not applied at -20 but I have at -5 to 0 and it works fine.

From Gene Wengert, forum technical advisor:

You are aware that Anchorseal has antifreeze, as an option?

From contributor T:
Anchorseal have winter and summer formulations. I have not tried the summer stuff in the winter but the winter stuff in the summer works fine.