Wire Management in a Moving Cabinet

Products and a shop-built solution for enabling wiring for lights to follow a cabinet that extends and retracts in use.February 16, 2014

We need an idea for a jewelry we are manufacturing. We have a sliding cabinet, with lights in it, so we need the wire to follow the cabinet and retract with it. We need a travel of approximately 48''. Any idea that would work well for a long time?

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From contributor J:
I imagine a wire chase built in somewhere near the top slide, with a retractable cable connection.

From contributor C:
You're looking for a cable carrier. There are tons around. There are other methods, but this is the right way to do it.

From the original questioner:
Thanks a lot - that looks perfect!

From contributor M:
A low-tech solution that binds less than coiled wire can be made with two boards and three hinges. Attach the two boards end-to-end with one hinge. Attach one free end to the cabinet, and the other on a fixed point from which the cabinet slides, both with hinges. When the cab is recessed, this arm folds flat behind; when pulled out, the arm stretches out. Just cable tie the wire to the top of the arm. This is like a flat screen TV arm, only it's not supporting the weight of the cab, just dealing with the wires.