Wooden Dovetail Drawer Slides

Tips on how to detail traditional wooden drawer slides. June 3, 2007

I am building a bookcase with base cab that will have inset drawers. The design calls for dovetail boxes and traditional wood slides. I am looking for some info on techniques to construct - i.e. dado the box side and mount on matching wood slides, or use wood rail guides at bottom/top of box, or key rail on bottom of box, etc.

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From contributor Y:
As you mentioned, having a hanging drawer by dadoing the sides of the drawer is a good way to go. Another way is to have the drawer rest on an internal web frame, with the bottom of the drawer sticking out past the sides by 1/4+ or so. Then you need to put rails along the side of the cabinet above where the drawer bottom comes out past the sides. I find that the hanging drawer is the easiest to construct. There is also less possibility of humidity (if that is a factor in your area) jamming the drawer.

From contributor T:
We do wooden drawer slides often, usually for small cubby, drawers etc. Undermount dovetails track the drawer nicely and also act as a tip bar when the drawer is extended. The side mount slides work best if you have some tolerance between the key and weigh. When you get set up to make the sticks, produce an extra 20 feet. If you have them laying around you'll find yourself using them a lot. Customers sure like them.

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