Wooden Tray Divider Installation Ideas

Suggestions for a customized, adjustable cabinet component that lets homeowners stack cookie sheets and trays on edge. January 19, 2011

Revashelf Company makes a metal tray divider that installs with special clips. The biggest advantage to this approach is that you don't have to decide placement location until move-in day (or later). Some of my customers, however, prefer a wooden divider. I would like to be able to install these wooden dividers with a similar approach. Does anybody know of a clip type system that would allow plywood dividers to be installed without a lot of acrobatics?

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From contributor J:
Binning strips either plastic or wood or Kolbe corner-requires about as much acrobatics as the one shown.

From contributor AJ:
How about running a bunch of 1/4" dados in a couple pieces of prefinished ply. Cut them to width, screw them in place and let the customer put the dividers where ever they want.

From contributor H:
Maybe with a 3/8" core box route in the top and bottom deck, matching 3/8" concave route in the top and bottom edge of the divider, some 3/8" dowel rods (keys if you will) and you could slide them in and out as required and wouldn't have the strips (obstacles) in the way if not being utilized, just some unobtrusive shallow grooves in the bottom.

From contributor I:
Or line bore the top and bottom of the cabinet, then use RTA fittings for the dividers. The 5mm stud would go in the line bored holes, the dividers would be drilled with the 20mm holes. You'd probably need to use a Philips bit in a small ratchet to tighten the cams. You could stagger the line bored holes to give 5/8" spacing increments.

From contributor U:
We make ours out of 1/2" material and we run a groove from front to back, approximately 5.5mm wide in the top and bottom edges of the divider. We then drill 5mm adjustable shelf pin holes in the top and bottom shelves of the cabinet, on a roughly 3 inch spacing. The dividers just slide in over the shelf pins, and if the client decides to remove some dividers all they do is pull the pins out, no obstacles left in the cabinet.