Wormhole Distressing

Finishers wander through a wormhole and end up in a distressing discussion in a parallel Norwegian universe. April 16, 2010

What's the best way to add wormhole distressing to doors? I donít want to do anything severe, just some small random holes. Is anything easier than the obvious hammer and nail?

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Forum Responses
From contributor K:
I have a board that I shop a few staples through and just give it a couple of whacks. Then I add a few odd ones here and there with an awl.

From contributor J:
We use an awl, not always straight in. We have a piece of old board with flight holes in it as a guide for random.

From contributor D:
My favorite tool to make random wormhole is a Dremel with one of their small drill bits. One nice affect is the burn the drill gives at the entrance hole. Plus you can use it at varying angles.

From contributor O:
1. A shotgun with appropriate sized shot.
2. Ice pick.
3. Spritz of blackish paint from old toothbrush. (Actually good for flyspecking but would possibly provide the distressed look you are after).

From contributor R:
What! No one else uses real honest to goodness worms?

From contributor U:
When we aren't using the worms for making worm holes we use them for composting our saw dust. I figure that makes us as green as you can get. We also use the old coffee in our pot for walnut toner and our leftover Lutefisk juice for gun cleaner.

From contributor B:
We use an awl with varying degrees of pressure different sized holes. Then we have a hand-made wormball that we use. Itís a ball of lead with metal wire bent and twisted all around it. We roll it over the area with holes and it leaves little wiggly tracks that look like worms have traveled through. Very nice touch.

From contributor D:
Make a tool to do it like below.