Z Clips On Solid Surface


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I've done allot with solid surface now I need to put Z clips on the back of a 1/2" thick sheet. I wanted to know if any one had a good way to do this......the panel will be part of an elevator. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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I'm about to install a few sheets as wall covering this week. I made my own "z" clip by glueing a strip of SS material on the back that has a 30 degree angle. Then I screwed a piece of 1/8" aluminum strip for added security. The lower "Z" clip is made from 2 strips of 2" x 3/16" flat steel strip about 4" long that I will screw against the wall about every 2 feet. See attached picture.


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awesome thats a great Idea really thank you for the detail

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The screw into the SS isn't a recommended practice by the manufacturers! It creates a stress point. I would think the French cleat set with seaming adhesive or epoxy would be sufficient.

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I use epoxy to fasten the clips that hold under mount stainless steel sinks to solid surface and it works fine. Why not do a mock up to check it out.

Make sure to sand the solid surface where the Z clips will go with 60 or 80 grit paper to ensure a proper bond for the epoxy.