"the Stick" For Blum MiniPress


From original questioner:

Im having a hard time finding "The Stick" by Metricks for my Blum Minipress. Its the 32mm stop fence. I use it to bore my doors for Euro Cabs. Anyone know where to get one?

From contributor ed

In the back of the Blum concealed hinge catalog. There are misc parts listed. should be able to find what you need.

From contributor Ch

Is this what your looks for?

From contributor Ju

Nope not it. Heres what I'm looking for. It attaches to the main fence on both sides as an extension with 32mm increment stop pins

From contributor Ch


Metrick Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Phone Number: 781-935-1331
Email: marlene.metrick@metrickmfg.com

They should be able to tell you how to purchase "The Stick"

From contributor Ju

Thanks Chris I'll give them a call

From contributor Wy

I was told by my local Blum rep that they are no longer being made. I have one that I don't use that I would be willing to sell if you are interested.

From contributor Da

I've got a set somewhere if you are still looking.