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Cabinet design software

Don Toebben


I have a small cabinet shop and am in need of design software for cabinets and other specialty pieces. Does anyone out there know of software that is not extremely expensive and not hard to learn ??

8/26/13       #2: Cabinet design software ...

8/26/13       #3: Cabinet design software ...
Fred Wholley  Member


Hi Don,

I saw your post about a Cabinet Design Software. I work for KCD Software and we have a program that I think fits your needs. It is easy to use and it is inexpensive. KCD has a rental program that you Rent on a month to month basis, so you rent it when you need it, the rental is $95 a month. If you want you can go to our website and we have some video tutorials that go over the software. Oh and just to let you know we DO NOT have any annual, maintenance or technical support fees. If KCD is something you are interested in give us a call anyone that picks up the phone can help. The number is 508-760-1140.

Thanks and Have a great day

8/26/13       #4: Cabinet design software ...
Frank D. Jimenez


Hi Don,

Cabinet Pro LLC offers Rental, Rent-To-Own, as well as Purchase options for software that can take you from 3D Design to bidding to cutlists & optimization, all the way to CNC output (if you have a CNC router).

You mentioned that you need something that is not "extremely expensive." You can start off by simply renting at $75 per month during the time that you need the software, or rent-to-own at $102 per month, or a one-time purchase at the current special of $1,945 (if you don't like the idea of renting forever).

You also mentioned that you wanted something that was not hard to learn. Because Cabinet Pro is designed for CUSTOM cabinet shops, you would have to configure it for YOUR methods of construction, which usually takes from one to three days to accomplish with our video help tutorials. A FREE Video Curriculum is included with the software to guide you through the learning process on a step by step basis, as well as free technical support while you are learning.

You can visit our website at to view a number of Demonstration Videos that are identical to those demonstrations given at Trade Shows. Or give us a call at (541) 664-2808.


8/26/13       #5: Cabinet design software ...
Frank D. Jimenez


Hi again, Don

To be clear about the timeline I mentioned above, one to three days is usually required to generate correct cutlists and modify the library that comes with the software to reflect YOUR cabinets.

If you have a CNC router, the learning time goes up well beyond 3 days, depending upon your CNC needs.

My name is Frank, and I am one of the two owners of Cabinet Pro LLC. I would be more than happy to talk with you if you have any questions or would like an online demo.


8/26/13       #7: Cabinet design software ...
Dropout Member

8/27/13       #8: Cabinet design software ...


Hi Don,

I work with Mozaik Software and I took a peek at your website. We can handle your standard cabinets and your furniture items as well. I took a minute tonight to do a quick mock up your wall tree.

Feel free to visit our web site.

8/27/13       #9: Cabinet design software ...
Denny J

After years with KCD, Cabinet Pro and Routercad we went with Mozaik and it is hands down the best software you can but for the small custom shop. It does everything you need it to do and it doesn't break the bank to purchase it. And the rental doesn't require a 4000 dollar up front payment to get it going.

8/28/13       #10: Cabinet design software ...
Mark B Member

I would add a +1 for Cabinetsense that Dropout posted.

I know there are a lot of sketchup skeptics out there but if your at all familiar with sketchup the Cabinetsense plug-in really does a lot for you in pretty short order.

Its no different than any custom software in that you have to input your own parameters for how you build boxes. Butt/dado construction, thicknesses, drawer construction, and so on. But once you get your boxes setup you can do whatever you need.

It generates detailed cutlists exported to excel and cutlist as well as generating BOM for materials and all hardware.


Ive been happy with it.

8/29/13       #11: Cabinet design software ...
Jon Andrew Member


Hello Don, We at Cad-Con Design, Specialize in Millwork and Casework Shop Drawings as well as Shop Drawings in general for Concrete, Fencing, Miniature Scale Models, and 3-D work. We use AutoCad 2012 to do all most anything and everything. We got it for a very reasonable price. Theres nothing we dont do with it.

I would have to recommend this as it works great for us, not to say it will for you but we have clients in 17 states and 2 countries who are happy with what we provide them. They usually come back for repeat business also.

I can recommend a place to get a copy of AutoCad 2012 if you are interested.

8/29/13       #12: Cabinet design software ...
Don Toebben Member


Thank you for all the responses!! May I ask where I can get the software and for how much ? My main problem though is I have never worked with software like this ,how can I get some guidance on how to use it ? Thank you !!

8/30/13       #13: Cabinet design software ...
Jon Andrew Member


AutoCad is incredibly easy to learn if you where to look for instruction videos. Funny enough you tube has every video you could possibly need to explain any and everything. See, instead of buying an expensive copy of it, these people offer a lease program. We upgraded from 2006 to 2012 for $400-ish for a two year lease. Way less of an expense and we have a full version!

8/30/13       #14: Cabinet design software ...
Denny J

I would have to disagree that autocad would be a good choice for a small cabinet shop to go with. Yes, you can design anything on it but for just cabinets there are so many superior choices that can give you what you want with much less input on your end. Plus they will more than likely give you rendering capabilities which is something you aren't getting in Autocad for that price.

If you are a multi location or even multi employee doing a broad spectrum of products and you have people dedicated to drawing and only drawing it may make sense to go that route but a small shop just trying to make a buck needs to spend as little time as possible with the software so they can start making sawdust

I would pass on Autocad as the sole software program for what you are doing. If you need it for an occasional odd piece then maybe but there are also programs like V carve pro to do that.

8/30/13       #15: Cabinet design software ...
Jon Andrew Member


Denny, i dont know if you have used or seen the newer Autocads being used but the 3-D and rendering capabilities have improved incredibly from the version i was using previously, A.C. 2006. Also, if one would take time to built block libraries the drawing would be reduced dramatically.

I am merely explaining our situation and type of software and how we use it and the amount the expense was reduced due to the lease option.
Im sure that there are many options you can go with.

Also, i wanted to mention that some of our clients give us pdf drawing produced with Cabinet Vision,Kitchen Pro, and 20/20. Why? They say Not Accurate Enough, not enough functionality to incorporate complex changes and site details.

8/30/13       #16: Cabinet design software ...
Denny J

Yeah, I get what you are saying but I also know tha building those blocks of cabinets takes time and if you can get a program that already does that you are ahead of the ballgame if you are just making cabinets and related items.

The learning curve in Autocad, if you are just dedicating a few hours a week to design and bids need to be generated quickly just isn't realistic for a small shop to do and be profitable unless you have the unique situation of only building things that the standard programs might not be suited for such as curved cabinets. reception desks and some commercial applications.

How many of these PDF's were of standard residential cabinets that were not accurate enough compared to the percentage that were commercial casework and one off requests?

I have used several different cabinet programs and while angles and curves can certainly be tricky there is nothing inaccurate about 98% or more of what they do and more errors come from not doing a site visit than from software related issues.

How long would you expect a first time user to spend on building a cabinet library including as many as 50 unique door styles, both face frame and frameless libraries, multiple crown and light rail molding details and then add in flooring, walls, electrical outlets, plumbing, knob, pulls, drawer parts and accurate cutlists for all of it in a spreadsheet format?

8/31/13       #17: Cabinet design software ...

I agree with Denny, autocad is a very complex and if you have never used it before I would steer clear.

9/3/13       #18: Cabinet design software ...
yaakov katz

try polyboard
they have now anew version(no 5)
its perfect and cost very low

9/27/15       #20: Cabinet design software ...
pityu Member

My favorite software : htp://

9/27/15       #21: Cabinet design software ...
pityu Member

My favorite software :

11/3/15       #22: Cabinet design software ...
stanley merritt


I've never used anything but KCD for kitchen and bath design. Probably never will use anything else. For a small shop, it works great for me.

11/24/15       #23: Cabinet design software ...
Thomas Member

I think this online app may be something that you are looking for
There is a free demo, where you can test it and make simple projets as well as official version for more serious tasks.

View higher quality, full size image (600 X 375)

Online 3D Kitchen Constructor

4/28/18       #27: Cabinet design software ...
Jeff Member

Cabinet planner is both inexpensive and easy to learn. When we first tried the free trial we were able to create a few jobs within a few hours of using it.

Cabinet Planner

1/20/19       #28: Cabinet design software ...

Hi, I own a cabinet based manufacturing company that is mainly focused on kitchens and closets. Currently we are using Polyboard for the costing and sketch up for the display. Iím now searching for a new software that give me smooth efficient costing and a beautiful aesthetic display (render) to save up time and effort so I anyone can give me a software that can provide these requirements I would be very thankful.

5/4/20       #29: Cabinet design software ...
Butortervezo  Member


This software is free and easy to learn.

View higher quality, full size image (901 X 532)

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