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Software solution for cabinet door business

SB Member


We manufacture 5 piece wood cabinet doors. We input the data into excel, which produces a BOM for breakout, and the moulder, and a cut list for the optimizing chop saw, and a cut list for the pod/rail CNC router. The excel program also produces a packing slip and invoice.

We are now looking to get into MDF routed/painted doors, mdf slab w/ veneer, acrylic, and laminates on a nested CNC.

We want a software, (web based would be best) that we can enter our door style / sizes in from a catalog of doors. This program should produce all which I explained above for 5 piece wood doors. It should also produce cut lists for the nested CNC.

Preferrably, the program should also produce a packing slip and invoice.

We are also hoping that the program could produce a barcode for the workorder sheet that goes into production, so that each station can scan "start/stop" on each job, for job costing and tracking. (Once again, we need a barcode for the workorder sheet, not each individual part).

Is there such a software out there that can handle all this ?

3/10/15       #3: Software solution for cabinet door ...

Check out Cadcode.

3/10/15       #4: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Pat O'Sullivan Member


You mention the ability to track progress through the shop but enter orders via excel spreadsheet. It might be beneficial to explore an ERP system that can take your order process from order entry all the way through to financials. The order entry could be web based and/or local, could be a part of your website with dealer log in capability. Often, these systems can communicate to CAM software to provide the necessary data for processing. It doesn't sound like you need much with regard to design or drawings.

3/10/15       #5: Software solution for cabinet door ...
jscdcabdoors Member

No I dont need to input orders at excel, I just need at least the same functionality that excel provides me now. I envision a web based order entry that our customer or employee can use.

Yes it seems simple. As a door only producer we only need the CNC to cut rectangles, and route MDF doors for paint. Hopefully this web based order entry can produce a cut list for the nest CNC. On the 5piece wood door side, we would need it to produce a cut list for the optimized chop saw, and a simple cut list for break out and moulder.

Pretty much need an ERP but hoping we dont have to go from scratch. The best option would be one made for cabinet door companies that we can add our cataloge and machine to.

There are ERP's for cabinet / kitchen companies but none for doors specifically, that I am aware of.

3/11/15       #6: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Scott Marshburn  Member


You might want to check out cabinet pro. They have a door pro version that sounds pretty good. Although it is not web based they say that it will generate the cut list. If you get the cnc version it will also generate the cnc files necessary to rout the mdf doors as well.

3/11/15       #7: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Pat O'Sullivan Member

ERP is expensive, but depending on what your volume is and what your growth plans are, it is imperative. Getting your data in a managable format that allows you to manage your business, evaluate your processes and add to them, without totally disrupting your business can make your growth plans much more attainable. A configurator that allows you to control your options and choices can drive the down stream processes. This can be the basis for web interfaces that you can use or your dealers can use. If you want to have a conversation with one of our people to evaluate what you're looking for, we'd be happy to discuss it.

3/11/15       #8: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Frank D. Jimenez

Hi SB,
As Scott mentioned, Door Pro CNC will generate numerous cutlists, door reports, and drawer box reports as well as direct CNC code for any router WITHOUT the need for any other CAD/CAM software. Door Pro CNC writes in several languages: g-code, Biesseworks, Woodwop, Xylog, HOPS, WinCut (SCM), Shopbot, and HPGL. Door Pro CNC handles both framed doors and MDF doors where edge, frame, and panel details may be automatically machined. Door Pro CNC also offers the ability to import jobs made via a website into the software for processing.

3/11/15       #9: Software solution for cabinet door ...
SB Member

Pat O'Sullivan and Frank D. Jimenez,

Our current volume is 250 - 500 wood doors / day with a capacity of 650 ish. We project a demand of 250 - 1000 nested doors. We are currently doing a plant layout and spec'ing machines (most likely Homags). Door Pro CNC sounds promising for order processing, however we will also need an ERP system. An all in one system, or a communication between the order processing and ERP would be ideal.

I would like to get into the specifics of your solutions in the next couple of months, I will make contact when I'm ready.

Are any of you guys going to be at Ligna in Hannover, Germany this year ?

3/11/15       #10: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Frank D. Jimenez  Member


SB and Pat:

The very real possibility exists that Pat's ERP system can export its information via Excel CSV files ( or via MDB files or even simple text files) to be imported into Door Pro CNC for processing. Let me know your thoughts on that Pat.

3/11/15       #11: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Frank D. Jimenez  Member



Door Pro CNC can easily handle 1,000 or more doors per day. Our Order Entry routine has been streamlined to require an average of 3.2 seconds per door. If we imported data from an ERP system, the Order Entry would be replaced by importing the necessary data, thus avoiding double entry.

3/11/15       #12: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Pat O'Sullivan Member


Frank, Communication to cabinet/Door design software is a routine operation and has been accomplished with many different platforms, so I don't see that as a hurdle to be very concerned with.

3/14/15       #13: Software solution for cabinet door ...
John Canary


YES, YES, YES and before you listen to anybody else, listen to me, because I use, and have been using a solution that delivers EXACTLY what you are looking for!! The name of the program is ALLMOXY. Trust me, this is what you are looking for. It was designed to address all the needs of a door, drawer and cabinet manufacturer. In fact it was the brainchild of a shop owners son named Brady Lewis. Look up Lewis Cabinets in Utah. Also, go to my site Create an account and test drive my order process - or - better yet give me a call. My business runs on ALLMOXY ! It is the most exciting thing I have ever done for my business. Give me a call at 908-419-8804, e-mail me or contact Brady Lewis: I am happy to share as much information as you would like.

And, PS: we link much of the output to CadCode. Ned Brown is the owner and he has provided cnc solutions to me for 14 years. He is beyond brilliant and knows his stuff! Between Cad Code and Allmoxy my business is taking off big time!!!

3/15/15       #14: Software solution for cabinet door ...

I second the vote for Allmoxy, they have it down and then some. Perfect fit for you.

3/21/15       #15: Software solution for cabinet door ...
Jason Scott

I know the allmoxy guys personally. They started just up the road from us. I would check there first. Personally I used to hate ordering doors online and not just faxing a list. I love it now because it gives me the opportunity to do a final check on my part sizes in case the software did something unexpected in the output.

I just bought a router and I plan on using allmoxy to sell some of the components we already make to other woodworkers.
Allmoxy will also allow you to process credit cards and handle payments.

4/16/15       #16: Software solution for cabinet door ...
jscdcabdoors Member

I will be looking at all the solutions above. We have looked into allmoxy and weren't comfortable with running it away from our own servers. Internet downtime would mean downtown for the shop, and then there's also the question about customization and how software updates would effect that. The cost is also very high as they take a chunk out of revenues. Though I agree, so far its the closest to what I've seen and further exploration may be required.

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