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Mozaik versus CabinetVision

Mike D  Member

We currently have an employee who runs the Mozaik program. He is impressed with it's custom abilities. Unfortunately he is quitting so
I need to learn this program myself. However, CabinetVision would work better with our other systems.
Does it have a steep learning curve and is it as capable as Mozaik for custom parts?

6/16/20       #2: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
james e mcgrew  Member


What do you mean by Custom parts or type. will it customize a part Yes.

I would suggest you do the three month trial at less than a few hundred bucks the answer will prevail before you spend tens of thousands.

make friend with some who can help you for free like other cabinetmakers this is how I finally achieved using it.

Both CV and MOZ are learning curves probably as steep as each other

6/16/20       #3: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
Stephen Williams  Member


I used CV for donkey's years and switched to Mozaik as I was tired of being gouged.

I find Mozaik easier to use than CV.

If you know CV then Mozaik will not be difficult for you.

6/17/20       #4: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...

2 1/2 yrs ago I purchased a new cnc. I used cabnetware for 18 years and was satisfied with it but after being bought a few times they finally pulled the plug on it and ended its run. . I was not willing to take the chance of it dying one day so I looked for new software. I decided to try Mozaik because it was a monthly subscription, and for less than $500 you could try it out. Other software programs want a considerable amount of money just to get started and if you do not like it tough luck. I found Mozaik to be a very good program, it is a cabinet to cnc program it does that very well. It covers all different types of construction methods and it will adapt to the way YOU build cabinets rather trying to tell how you should build cabinets. They are constantly improving, they listen to their customers input and try to make changes that help us. They offer hourly training sessions at a reasonable cost, so that when you hit that wall in the learning curve rather then getting frustrated you can get help and work your way through it. They also have a very capable help desk that you can send issues to and they respond very quickly. I know I am very happy and now would not considered changing even if the other software was free. I think that most serious software users that use Mozaik will tell you the same thing. Just my opinion but then that is what you asked for

6/17/20       #5: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...

There are a lot of people switching from cabinet vision to Mozaik. People have thousands invested in cabinet vision too. That says a lot for the amount of people that are walking away. We own 2 seats of cabinet vision and they are both one of the highest levels that they offer. I can't remember the last time it was even opened on a computer here but Mozaik is used all day everyday.

6/17/20       #6: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
james e mcgrew  Member


On this subject !

I often hear "Customer service is Bad" or I cannot get them on the phone. Close your eyes for a minute and think of the Guy who calls you to talk cabinets and drifts into his worldly experiences, BIG WASTE OF TIME to a Tech on the phone and on your Nickel, these guys are not therapist. A tech has a Family works regular hours and is not available after hours,

We started a forum to support a Machine company so guys could get peer to peer support on the weekends and after hours. it worked,

Moziak would be well served to allow a few Trusted end users to moderate the forum, Currently if you ask a question it can be a while before you get an answer, I think it would help if they considered a password only forum and peere to peer quick support.

I found a friend who does work for me and he was far more knowledgable than I with his help we are now using Moziak only with the CNC.

I hope this helps

6/17/20       #7: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...

Yes I agree with you on a user supported Mozaik forum. The Mozaik forum is at times restrictive, but there is a lot of information on the forum pages. If I run into problems on how to do something in Mozaik the first thing I do is search the forums, 9 times out of ten someone else has already run into this problem and posted a "fix" . It keeps me from running the issue through the help desk and generally gets me through the issue very quickly. Now in Mozaiks defense, if they did not "edit' the forum and let everybody post ways to "work around a problem" that may not really be the best solutions and could cause problems in other areas that would then lead to alot of CSR phone calls and e mails to the help desk, along with other posts to the forum. They need to make sure that suggestions and solutions are correct before being posted to the company forum so that make sure the correct information is given to their customers. Imagine if you went to the official Chevrolet web site and someone posted if you had a leaky radiator pour in one half gallon white glue mixed with one half gallon round up. It will fix your leak! Anyone can post just about anything on any forum with todays internet and I think that they not only have the right but also have a responsibility to make sure that the posts are correct for the product they have developed. I think a customer run forum would be great, it would give us a place to discuss the software, pros and cons, tricks we have learned, without the fear of being restricted about what we say, but it needs not to replace the company forum but be an additional tool, to be used with a grain of salt, understanding exactly what it is and what it is not. I give Mozaik credit in this reguard, before posting on their forum you must read the forum rules, and you know what the rules are and how the game is played their, then you can decide if you want to play, just watch, or go somewhere else.

6/17/20       #8: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
Mike D  Member

Thanks for the replies.
That's the reason we started with Mozaik over any others, the adaptability versus having to conform on other programs.
I am now confident that it's the one to stick with.
Our only issue is the online order system Allmoxy-- also a great software, is unable to export much into Mozaik.
So a two-headed coin. Both programs seem perfect for us, but unable to do S2M.

9/11/20       #9: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
cncpgmr Member

I have been in Commercial Millwork for 30yrs, and have used both of these programs. Most importantly, you must separate residential, from commercial programming. They are 2 different animals.
Mozaik is great for boxes, when you get into custom building, it is garbage. I was mostly self taught on CV for 4 years, been using Mozaik for 2 1/2 yrs now. I hate it.
80% of my company's business is custom, 1 off product. It is horrendus to custom build with. Yes, as mentioned above, it will create most anything, but oh my god is it a much longer, and mentally stressful process. I could do my job in half the time with CV. Mozaik does not have close to the power that CV has.
Just the ability to drag parts to snap points saves mega time. Think about the time it takes to move every part by numerical coordinates. x,y,and z. instead of the ability to drag to position from any view. That is the biggest time drain. I build full reception desks/bars/whatever from 1 starting square part.
There material templates are cumbersome, and time consuming with setups. Where CV has right click, and designate panel stock of any varitey.
Also right click from any view, and rotate parts L/R. Mozaik has a 9 series of xyz rotation, then numerical positioning.
So I have a job with 25 rooms, and 20 different materials. I want to optimize room 15 which includes 8 materials. I single out that room for processing, and all 20 materials appear on my list. I have to figure out what I need for that room, write them down, and make sure I only use materials needed for that room. It is maddening.
They have no CAD abilities, which is greatly helpful in building process. never enough room to list all your templates, not metabox compatible reasonably, not allowed to update product in your librarys, edgebanding labels are suck, no multiple passes on operations, etc.
If you are building semi standard box kitchens, and break rooms, Mozaik is ok, but for custom building, CV is the way to go.
Rant over.

10/22/21       #10: Mozaik versus CabinetVision ...
Myron Wittmer Member

I've used Cabinet Vision for several years and while I can say I love it and I feel confident I can do anything I need to do, I changed my mind about recommending it to new shops lately. I do consulting for cabinet shops so I've helped several shops setup their software and CNCs. Cabinet Vision just doesn't seem to be the logical choice to recommend anymore except for in certain situations.

I actually made a video on this. you can check it out here:

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