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CNC Comparison

Troy Beverly


Another follow up for the Anderson CNC thread
We are also looking at a Homag Centateq N-300 480V7
CNC which has a lower cost but being new to the CNC world
does anyone have any opinions on this machine compared to the Anderson?
Or any other suggestions ?

9/14/22       #2: CNC Comparison ...
Rob Young  Member



I would create a spreadsheet and list the important features of the CNCs so you can compare them side by side. Important features should include
1. Overall quality of build
2. Number of vacuum zones
3. Number of vacuum pumps
4. Main spindle size
5. Main spindle brand
6. Drill block configuration
7. Number of tool change positions and the type of tool changer
8. Controller type
9. Servo drive manufacturer
10. Rapid travel speed
11. Linear cutting speed
12. Acceleration and deceleration speed
13. Ease of use
You should also factor in your conversations with the companies you are considering and the availability and cost of replacement parts.

Please also consider the line we carry at Nutek Machinery. The Phantom series by KRC CNC. You will see that it is equal to or excels beyond other brands of this category with extra features that are standard such as vibration and temperature monitoring of the spindle, temperature monitoring of servos and a two year warranty. As a technician I have worked on just about every brand out there. I founded Nutek Machinery with the goal to bring high quality, production efficient machinery to the U.S. market without the high cost of unnecessary proprietary replacement parts. Each of the lines we import performs at or above the competition backed by personalized service.

9/14/22       #3: CNC Comparison ...
Troy Beverly

Another consideration is the Biesse Rover K1224
Which comes with a 25HP vacumn which I think would be better than the 2-9HP Pumps in the Anderson

Anyone have any opinions?

9/15/22       #4: CNC Comparison ...

If I were shopping for another machine right now, the only two manufacturers on my list would be Anderson and Northwood due to build quality and control. I really don't look at final price so much since the machines I'm looking to buy will last 25-30 years. Some of the European machines that I made the mistake of buying don't last that long for a variety of reasons. Down side to Anderson is that the machines are built in Taiwan. Its an import. Not sure I want to put my future support and parts availability in the hands of Taiwan. Anyway, good luck with the search! Its an exciting time when you are introducing modern equipment into an existing shop. Nothing will be the same.

9/15/22       #5: CNC Comparison ...
Frank D. Jimenez  Member


Hi Troy,

While Anderson is an outstanding machine and company, our customers (of Cabinet Pro software) who have the Homag Centateq N-300 480V7 are more than happy with this nested based router. Homag uses Woodwop as not only the interface between software such as Cabinet Pro CNC and its nested and point-to-point routers, but also as a very readable simulator showing machining in great detail.

In addition, I personally have a lot of experience with the excellent support Stiles Machinery gives to its customers who own Homag or Weeke routers, and to software companies such as Cabinet Pro who support Homag routers. Many of the features of the Homag, such as its Production Files that allow batched files to be processed with greater efficiency, are very convenient and time saving!

Whether you purchase an Anderson or a Homag router, both of which are supported by Cabinet Pro software, I am sure you will be happy with your decision because both machines and both companies are very impressive. My personal preference would be Homag because more of our customers own this machine, its integration with Cabinet Pro software is seemless, I am hopelessly in love with Woodwop (its interface), and to my knowledge, every one of our customers who owns a Homag router is happy with its performance.

The pictures below show a nested sheet in Cabinet Pro sent to Homag's Woodwop where vertical drilling, horizontal boring, dado cuts, and Lockdowel machining have been perfectly communicated from Cabinet Pro to Woodwop. Woodwop allows each of these machining operations to show more detail upon demand or be sent directly to the CNC Router for immediate processing.

View higher quality, full size image (1442 X 788)

View higher quality, full size image (1440 X 806)

9/16/22       #6: CNC Comparison ...

I have broken a few parts on my Anderson when moving it from my old shop to my new shop .

They were all off the shelf bosh Rexroth parts and airtek solenoids , drives are all delta and servos are all fanuc, so while they are built overseas , none of the parts for it had to come from there and they have us headquarters here.

Also I am not a tech and was able to fix it by myself .

Also parts vere very affordable for the quality of them .

Highly recommend this company!

9/29/22       #7: CNC Comparison ...
Troy Beverly

Sorry I have been away from this post for a couple weeks. I am down to 2 machines right now and not embarrased to say that spending 100K is stressing me out a little due to the fact that I have never had a CNC and want to purchase quality and usability.
Machine #1 Anderson Spectrum -M 48 which uses closed loop FANUC AC digital servo motors and control systems. The bridge and vertical supports are monolithic one piece construction.Vucumn system is dual 9hp Becker pumps

Machine #2 Biesse Rover K FT 1224 which uses the B-Solid B-Nest system and bridge is electrowelded steel reinforced where needed. Vertical supports are aluminum light alloy casting. This unit uses 250m/h rotary vane pump ( I think 10 hp)
I am in need of my fellow cabinet shop owners
( NOT salesman ) to help me choose between these 2 machines. I know Biesse makes all types of woodworking machines and from what I am being told Anderson specializes in only CNC's
One last side note as I ask for individual opinions on these 2 machines.
The Anderson is roughly 15K more money

Thanks for all your help
Very important to me.

9/29/22       #8: CNC Comparison ...

I was scared to spend that kind of cash too.

I paid 30k for the Anderson used and 14 years old , still going strong and cutting perfect parts .

FYI it paid for itself on the first ss countertop job I did ( 200 tops )

Just saying that's been my experience, but I am not afraid to dive in and work on things .

If you are not mechanically inclined , a new machine could definitely save you the stress and get you cutting right away .

What software will you be using ? That's a big part of getting production out of your machine .

9/29/22       #9: CNC Comparison ...
Hen Bob Member

We run a Biesse, Been a great machine for us, I wouldn't hesitate to get an Anderson either. The deal we got on Biesse was too good to pass up.

You wont regret either machine, Just be sure to consider all the other stuff, Air, Power, Dust collection, etc..

9/30/22       #10: CNC Comparison ...

We have a Biesse edgebander. Service has been abysmal at best. Still doesn't run quite right. The guys are always cussing it. We actually hired an independent engineering firm to help with parameter settings. It runs better than in the past. Based on that experience, I would lean Andi.

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