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Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experience

Brandon Stavros Member


I have had this experience with Pillar Machinery, would love to hear opinions if people believe I am asking for too much.

I purchased a "rebuilt" HPP machine from Pillar Machinery in 2019 for 30,000. Warranty was for 90 days.

Due to changing needs, the machine was never installed until 2022. Upon first installation, the machine was non-functional. We called Pillar and attempted phone support and realized there was an issue that would require a technician. We asked them to fix machine, setup for production, and provide training. The tech came and found and issue with a faulty relay, and provided about 30 minutes of training. We were charged in full for tech time and repair (approx 2300).

About 2 months later we were ready for production, and attempted to use the machine, and found machine had multiple errors and inconsistencies. The tech had not fully tested the machine or ran parts. We called for tech support and after hours on the phone and dialing in the machine were able to get it to the point where we could run the machine, however quality was extremely inconsistent. After running out of ideas, we requested the tech come back, and we were upset that he had not diagnosed the machine the first time.

The tech came back, and worked all day. The machine was left worse then when he arrived, and cannot produce a deliverable part. He stated that there were supports added to the machine that were not original (guessing this was part of the "rebuild" process", likely to attempt to correct the very issue we were having. The table is simply not lined up with the beam, and does not provided adequate adjustment, CNC router provides inconsistent cutting height.

At this point I requested Pillar Machinery either fix the machine, refund me, or take it as a trade in at purchase price towards a machine that will work. I even offered to pay the freight to send them back machine to fix. Pillar refused to any of these options. They suggest I send the machine to them at my expense, they will repair in there shop and bill me for the hours of labor, and then I will have it shipped back. All of this would be at my expense.

Its important to note that up until a few days ago, Pillar was poor at communication and left me hanging multiple times. I feel like they have been gaslighting me a bit, saying its an old machine and that its not really designed to do routing (even though the spec sheet specifically talks about that ability). This machine was purchased with one purpose - to make shaker doors with dowels and rout the groove.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!

11/18/22       #2: Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experie ...

I had a horrible experience with Pillar when it was Accusystems.
I would never buy equipment from them again.

11/19/22       #4: Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experie ...
Hen Bob Member

Had the same situation as Bill with a dowel inserter, avoid them. Hopefully you can find a resolution.

11/19/22       #5: Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experie ...
Dropout Member

Similar experience here too.

Find a good millwright who can make the mods needed so you can adjust it properly and move on. Can't be that difficult. May just need some shim stock.

We just went through something similar with a slotting motor on an edgebander. The blade was out of square to the track and there was no adjustment. 1/2 hour and some shim stock and away we go.

Post some pics of mounting of the end of the beam and I tell you if I have any suggestions.

11/19/22       #6: Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experie ...
Rob Young  Member

If I were you the question I would ask Pillar is "What will you be doing different to the machine if I send it to you this time than you did when you rebuilt it prior to me purchasing it?" If they don't have an answer of what they could do the second time around that they didn't do when they originally rebuilt it to make the machine perform to the specifications you need than I wouldn't send it to them. There is always a risk buying used machinery but of course it is understandable that you felt it was a reduced risk since the manufacturer rebuilt the machine. As a technician I have pretty much seen it all, especially when it comes to buying used. Machines that are high quality, upper echelon machines new, fair far better when purchased second hand. For example, we have a 9 year old Ott edgebander we loan to companies while they wait for their new edgebanders to arrive. That nine year old machine still produces panels with invisible glue joints perfectly finished that require no cleaning or scraping. This is only the case because the machine new was of the highest quality.
If you decide to cut your losses on this one, please contact me regarding the Stema brand machines we carry. Just like Ott they are extremely heavily built, production efficient machines that will outperform and outlast the competitorsí machines. I have added a video link of the Tabit for reference.

11/20/22       #7: Pillar Machinery - Horrible Experie ...

My accusystems / Pillar went to the scrap metal yard last week.

I bought a gannomat and it has been night and day better, good state side service too.

PS the gannomat was a 2010 and still spot on perfect alignment.

Nothing but good things to say about gannomat.

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