Rounding Issues with Woodweb's Lumber Calculators
The rules are the rules. Rounding of board-foot estimates is handled differently in the hardwood and softwood lumber markets. December 12, 2008

Calculating board feet
The board footage debate rages on--Professor Wengert and others offer up methods of calculation. June 24, 2001

Five Points for Efficient Sawmilling
Gene Wengert shares his expertise on sawing economically and profitably. January 29, 2004

Wood Flooring Yield and Waste Factor
How much rough lumber should I order for milling into a given quantity of tongue and groove wood flooring? June 8, 2011

Calculating board footage
Professor Gene Wengert explains it all. February 18, 2003

Sawmill recovery rate
Does one sawmill's recovery rate make it a better choice over another mill? (From WOODWEB's Sawing and Drying Forum) February 18, 2003

-What is a Board Foot?
Explanation and glossary of lumber terms by Professor Eugene Wengert. May 2, 2001

Rough lumber dimensions
Understanding basic lumber dimensions and how to calculate board footage. April 20, 2001

Fine-Tuning Log Scale Estimates
Log scales are a tried and true standard for estimating board feet. But here's a discussion on improving the accuracy of specific estimates for particular jobs at the bandsaw mill. August 3, 2009

Size effect on shrinkage
Are traditional shrinkage values applicable to drying large cants? May 9, 2001

Square foot vs board foot
Defining the difference. October 2, 2001

Log scale and overrun
Different types of scales, formulas and methods of figuring overrun. January 28, 2002

Estimating board footage
Most accurate and most accepted methods of figuring BF for lumber. December 17, 2002

Kerf thickness' effect on yield -- and profitability
How profoundly does the thickness of blades used in sawmilling affect yield, costs, and wise use of resources? June 20, 2000

Calculating the weight of lumber
Formulas, detailed instructions and species-specific charts from Professor Gene Wengert. May 3, 2001

Doyle scale basics
A primer for those unfamiliar with the Doyle scale. March 28, 2001

Calculating longitudinal shrinkage
There's no firm factor for calculating longitudinal shrinkage in maple, but here's a place to begin. 1998.

Wood weight and highway transport
How to accurately estimate the weight of a truckload of air-dried lumber to assure compliance with trucking regulations. Includes access info for resources. August 1, 2000

Yield from Small Logs
Rough rules of thumb for estimating the expected yield from sawing small logs. March 14, 2006

Processing Trees to Lumber -- for the Hobbyist and Small Business
Two experts share their secrets of success for small-scale milling operations. January 19, 2002

Lumber: Quantity or Quality?
The debate over speed or grade when sawing for profit. January 29, 2004

Measuring Logs and Lumber
Lumber measurement - Professor Gene Wengert clears up questions regarding proper measurement techniques. May 28, 2001

Maximizing Lumber from a Log
Can quartersawing produce as much usable lumber as one company claims? January 29, 2004

I've Got that Shrinking Feeling
Specific information on lumber shrinkage during the drying process. Includes 'typical shrinkage' tables for red and white oak. 1998.

Lumber drying options and efficiencies
The Wood Doctor's favorite references for making decisions among lumber-drying options. 1998.

Converting BF to cubic feet
How to convert board feet to cubic feet. March 28, 2001

Board-Foot Scales Compared
Different log scaling systems predict different lumber output because they include different assumptions about waste. October 12, 2007

Board Feet of Cedar in a Cord
Sawmillers talk rough equivalents: board feet, cords, and truckloads. December 6, 2009

Choosing a Log Scale
A sawmiller harvesting various tree species gets advice on which log scale will give him the most accurate estimates of his inventory. June 20, 2005

Converting MBF Price to Cubic Meter Price
Converting prices and converting volume aren't quite the same process. Here's a discussion. January 31, 2012

Ways to Estimate or Calculate Board Feet
Rule of thumb gets you pretty close, and even methods involving careful measurement are susceptible to basic arithmetic errors. January 11, 2007

Weight of Eastern Red Cedar
Information on calculating the weight of Cedar lumber. January 8, 2010

What makes a trailer load?
Determining how many board feet of lumber comprise a "trailer load." November 15, 2000

Log Volume
Charts for International 1/4-inch and Scribner log volume. May 4, 2001

Log Scales, Log Size, Kerf Thickness, Lumber Yield, and Profit
The estimated yield using one or another log scale may differ from the actual board footage of lumber sawn from a load of logs, for a variety of reasons. Here's a close look at how different scales, different logs, and different saws affect the yield, the price, and the profit. April 20, 2011

Log weight
Locating a chart and doing the calculations. September 2, 2002

Lumber measurement
Demystifying the rules and scales for measuring lumber. July 24, 2001

Log Scale Versus Weight: Estimating Value
The board footage (and the grade quality) produced from a ton of logs can vary widely, based on several factors. October 4, 2011

Gross tally vs. net tally
The difference between "gross" and "net" tallies in lumber processing is explained. July 18, 2000

Board-Foot Lumber Measurement Confusion
A woodworker tries to figure out how to make sure he's ordering and getting the amount of wood he actually needs. January 20, 2010

Accuracy of Different Log Scales
How many chunks in a dang whack? That depends on how you measure it. (And if you're talking beer, we use hogsheads per hectare.) March 10, 2008

Converting Board Feet to Metric Units
You do the math... March 26, 2010

Converting Cubic Meters to Board Feet
The math isn't hard, but there are a few fine points. June 12, 2014

Converting log volume scales
When sellers and buyers want numbers in different scales, how do you come up with the calculations? July 22, 2003

Calculating footage based on weight
How to estimate the board feet in logs based on their weight. August 10, 2000

Determining the weight of logs
Resources and methods for estimating the weight of green logs. January 16, 2001

Converting board feet to metric
It's not as simple as it sounds. November 7, 2001

Yield Loss in Ripped-One-Edge Lumber
A woodworker who has ordered a delivery of random length and width wood ripped on one edge and surfaced on two sides wants to know how much wood he can really expect to get. April 27, 2007

Optimal Size to Rough Cut for Flooring
Start with a uniform finish thickness, then add allowances for planing, drying shrinkage, and cupping. October 26, 2011

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